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23 September 2011

Who needs analytics vendors?

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I’ve written a guest post for Andrew Urban’s blog, Return on Mission. Andrew is the author of a great little book called “The Nonprofit Buyer,” which is subtitled: “Strategies for Success from a Nonprofit Technology Sales Veteran.” It’s all about helping nonprofits make better choices when it comes to dealing with vendors of technology products and services. You can find out more on Andrew’s blog.

I’m pleased he’s asked me to contribute to Return on Mission, where I write on a topic I haven’t addressed on my own blog. Readers of CoolData know that my focus is the in-house analytics capability of nonprofits and higher-education institutions.  So what do I think about analytics and analytic services purchased from vendors?

Well, if you want to find out, you’ll have to follow the link: Knowledgeable Purchasers — 4 Easy Rules

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