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Discussion Papers for Download

Downloadable discussion papers by Peter Wylie, John Sammis and Kevin MacDonell, as published on Most of these are PDFs, and a few are Microsoft Word docs.

Data-driven prospect ID for Planned Giving

An Index of Increasing Giving for Major Donors

Why We’re Not in Love with RFM

Census Zip Code Data versus Internal Data as Predictors of Alumni Giving

Finding Prospects Flying Under the Radar: A Nuts and Bolts Approach

Finding Predictors of Future Major Givers

Logistic Regression vs. Multiple Linear Regression

How Many Times to Keep Calling in Your Phonathon?

Is the Online Behavior of Your Alums Worth Exploring?

The Tough Job of Bringing in New Alumni Donors

Does “Do Not Solicit” Mean They Won’t Give?

Making a Case for Predictive Modeling

A Pauper’s Guide to Electronic Screening

Time on the Call and How Much the Alum Pledges

Time on the Call and How Much the Alum Pledges (Part 2)

The Lopsided Nature of Alumni Giving

Are We Underestimating the Generosity of Our Older Alums?

Are We Missing Too Many Alumni with Web Surveys?

Are we missing too many alumni with web surveys? (Part 2)

Regular-season passing yardage and the NFL playoffs


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