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22 December 2011

Why I love work

Filed under: Training / Professional Development — kevinmacdonell @ 2:12 pm

It’s so hard to get anything finished this time of year. As the holidays get closer, I get more distracted and feeling unwell from eating too much sugar. I’ve got more than a dozen draft posts queued up — some are rather meaty and nearly ready to publish, but I just haven’t gotten up the steam.

So let me finish off the year with a thought that came into my head as I was going to work this morning.

Today is my last day before the holidays, and although I’m happy to have some time off, I’m in no hurry to have this day over with. I love my job and I enjoy being at work.

I didn’t always feel that way. Up until about eight years ago I would rather have avoided work. So what’s changed?

It has a lot to do with learning how to work with data to help people accomplish real things. How to describe what that feels like … Well, you probably don’t remember the experience of learning to read and write, but you can imagine the feeling of being enabled that it must have given you at the time — acquiring this amazing technology for making sense of things through reading, and creating one’s own sense through writing. It gave you handles with which to grasp the world, to experience it and even to change it.

Data analysis is a bit like that.


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