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Here are links to reports and resources referenced in my presentation at the DRIVE Conference in Seattle WA, 20 February 2013.

Report (PDF): “The New World of ‘Business Analytics’” by Thomas Davenport, March 2010.

Research note: “The Stages of an Analytic Enterprise” by Nucleus Research, March 2012.

Book: “Key Performance Indicators: The 75 measures every manager needs to know,” by Bernard Marr.

Survey results: Rexer Analytics 5th Annual Data Miner Survey – 2011 (Navigate to “Best practices in measuring analytic project performance / success”)

… and here are a couple of related things to read which came to my attention after the conference:

Counting on Analytical Talent, a report by Jeanne G. Harris, Elizabeth Craig and Henry Egan (thanks to Tommy Tavenner, National Wildlife Federation, for pointing this one out).

Calculate the Return on Analytics Investment, by Avinash Kaushik (Occam’s Razor)


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