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Kevin_MacDonell_Nov_2013_slight_cropKevin MacDonell is primary author of content on CoolData, which has been going since December 2009, and co-author with Peter Wylie of a new book published by CASE called “Score!: Data-Driven Success for Your Advancement Team.”

His real job is Acting Director of Advancement Services for the External Relations Department of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Prior to that, he was a Business Analyst doing data mining and predictive modeling for many Advancement functions, and enhancing the department’s fundraising and alumni engagement reporting. Other previous positions included working in Annual Fund as an Annual Giving Officer (running a Phonathon program for two years), as a prospect researcher (for five years), and as an editor and journalist for a variety of magazines and other media organizations.

For nearly a decade he has been promoting the use of data mining and predictive modelling for advancement of higher education institutions both in the workplace and through presenting at conferences. This blog collects some of the interesting things he’s learned along the way, and occasionally features guest posts by others who do similar work.

I believe working with data has a lot more to do with attitude and interest than skills or tools. I have to say that, because I have no formal training in statistics; I was a journalism major! (See? I know how to use a semicolon.) The desire to contribute to decision-making at our institutions in concrete, data-driven and cool ways is a prime motivator for learning.


Kevin MacDonell, CoolData blog

P.S. — Feel free to email me, but unfortunately I may not be able to respond to requests for detailed help. I also do not write reviews of software or books. I do not do link exchanges nor do I sell ads. I do not accept submissions of guest posts that are not directly related to the subject of this blog, and no I probably won’t post your infographic. If in doubt, go ahead and email me, but if I don’t respond within a week it means I probably won’t respond at all. Repeated followup emails won’t help.

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